Three Types
of Storm Shelters offered:

Precast & Wheelchair Accessible

Solid concrete 6'4" wide x 8'4" long x 7'1" tall (outside dimensions). All concrete walls approximately 6" thick with ½" rebar 12" on center each way. Concrete is a minimum strength of 5000PSI. Price installed on owners prepared lot is $5,200 within 100 miles of factory in Birmingham.

Shelters Built "In Place"

8' x 8' x 8' built in place concrete storm shelter / safe room. Structure to have 6" thick walls with ½" rebar tied 12" on center each way. A steel plate door unit included. Price installed on your prepared lot is $9,400 within a range of 100 miles of Birmingham, Alabama.

Custom Shelters

These are customized "built on site" shelters are installed using traditional construction methods. Footings are dug & concrete walls are formed to any dimension that the customer desires. Coupled with a concrete top and a FEMA rated steel door this type of structure can be built to hold a family of four or all the way up to a community storm shelter that can hold one hundred.

All of these structures are built to FEMA 320, 3rd edition / August 2008 specifications.

References available on request.

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